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Subfolders and Subprojects

External and Regular Users on all account types can create Subfolders and Subprojects.

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Subfolders and Subprojects live within parent Folders and Projects and they help you organize your Workspace. Apart from their location within the Folder structure, Subfolders and Subprojects have the same properties as Folders and Projects, you can: add tasks, color code, share, and even add additional levels of Subfolders and Subprojects.

Important Information

  • Folders and Projects can be added to (or tagged in) multiple locations.
  • Subfolders and Subprojects are automatically shared with all users who have access to the parent Folder(s) or Project(s).
  • On Folder and Project info panels: the names of parent Folders and Projects appear as tags underneath a Subfolder or Subproject’s name.

Create a Subfolder or Subproject

  1. Right-click on a Folder or Project in the Folder tree.
  2. Hover over “Add” in the dropdown list that appears.
  3. Click “Folder” or “Project” depending on whether you want to create a Subfolder or Subproject.
  4. Enter your Subfolder or Subproject's name in the pop-up that appears. 
  5. Choose a default view. 
  6. Specify who to share the Subfolder/Subproject with*. 
  7. For Subprojects, you can specify additional attributes:
    • Projects start and finish dates.
    • Additional Project owners. 
  8. Click "Create". 

A Subfolder or Subproject is added to the location you created it from.

*The Subfolder or Subproject is automatically shared with the people with whom the parent Folder or Project is shared, however, you can share it with additional people.

Convert Existing Folders and Projects

  1. From the Workspace’s left-hand Navigation panel, select a Folder or Project.
  2. Open the Folder or Project info panel.
  3. Click the “+” button which appears underneath the Folder or Project’s name.
  4. Begin typing the name of another Folder or Project.
  5. Select the appropriate Folder or Project from the dropdown list when it appears.

The Folder or Project you originally selected is now a Subfolder or Subproject in the location where you added (tagged) it.

Please note, the steps above are for including existing Folders or Projects in additional or multiple locations. If you would like to move a Folder or Project from one location to another, please read our help center page on moving Tasks, Folders, and Projects.