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Import MS Project Files

Importing from Microsoft Project is available on paid accounts. 

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You can easily import data from Microsoft (MS) Project to Wrike. You can import tasks with their: durations, dependencies, and responsible parties (assignees).

Important Information

  • Files can be imported from MS Project to Wrike, but you cannot export data from Wrike to MS Project.
  • You can also import data from Excel to Wrike or export data from Wrike to Excel.

Import from Microsoft Project

  1. Open the Folder or Project where you would like to import files.
  2. Switch to the List View and click the menu button 1.
  3. Hover over “Import” and select “MS Project” 2.
  4. Click on “Choose file”, locate the file you would like to import, and press open. You can import MS Project 2013, 2016, and xml file types. 
  5. If you have responsible parties you will be asked to associate users from your Wrike contact book with the names indicated in your MS Project file.

Quick tip: If some assignee names cannot be matched to Wrike users, you can invite those people to join Wrike.


Lead and Lag Times

When you import files from MS Project: lead and lag times are preserved in Wrike. You'll be able to remove lead or lag times if necessary, but you can't edit them. Please note, if you reschedule the task preceding a lag time, the lag is preserved, but if you reschedule the task following a lag time, the lag is deleted.