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Create, Color Code, and Edit Folders and Projects

External and Regular Users on all account types can create and edit Folders and Projects.

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Folders can house Tasks, Subfolders, and Subprojects. They are a great way to organize your Workspace and tasks so that you can not only keep relevant information together, but also ensure that data is grouped in such a way that it can be easily and quickly shared with the appropriate people. Please note, unlike Tasks and Projects, Folders are not actionable items.

When to use Folders:

  • to create a Folder structure which makes it easy to find information and save tasks in the right place
  • when you need to group together related tasks and do not need to group them in a Project (which has its own set of attributes)
  • to add tags to tasks

Create a Folder

  1. Click the “+” next to the account name in the Folder tree.
  2. Select "Folder" in the pop-up window.
  3. Enter your Folder’s name.
  4. Choose the default view for the Folder.
  5. Specify who you want to share the Folder with.
  6. Click "Create".

Your Folder is added to the Folder tree.

Change Folder Color


You can color code Folders and Projects in Wrike. Choosing a color for Folders and Projects:

  • adds a thin bar to the left of the Folder or Project's name in the Workspace's left-hand Navigation panel
  • adds a background color to Folder and Project tags in the Task View and List View
  • changes the color of the Folder icon to the left of Folder and Project permalink's in the Workspace

How to Change a Folder or Project's Color

  1. Right click on a Folder or Project in the left-hand Navigation panel (you can also right click on Subfolders and Subprojects).
  2. Hover over “Color” 1 on the dropdown list. 
  3. Select one of the color options from the menu which appears.

The color you pick is immediately applied to the Folder or Project 2 in your Workspace, as well as in the Workspaces of users who have access to that Folder or Project.

Quick Tip! If you want to highlight a Folder or Project where you keep contacts, manage applicants or customer relations, then you can select the person icon 3 from the color option menu.


Edit a Folder

To edit a Folder, click on it, and then press the "Folder info" icon 1. Here you can change the Folder name 2, change the parent Folder 3, upload a file and add an online document 4, see people with whom it is shared 5, and add or modify the description 6. Simply click on the appropriate field to start editing.