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All users (including collaborators) on all account types can use Search.

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Use the search box in Wrike’s workspace to quickly find relevant work. From one place, you can search for tasks, folders, projects, spaces, request forms, reports, files, or other members of your account*. Results are grouped by category to make it easier to see what something is and you can use search commands to search for tasks, folders or projects based on specific criteria.

* Available for regular users.


Search for tasks, folders, projects, spaces, request forms, reports, files, and users from the same search box:

  1. Click in the search box 1 located in the Workspace’s upper right-hand corner.
  2. Type an item’s or a person’s name, use keywords to search, or ID number.
  3. Select the item you’re looking for from the list when it appears.

By default, you search all items you have access to. 


  • Right-click on an item in the dropdown to copy a hyperlink to it or open it in a separate tab*. You can also click on your mouse's scroll wheel to open an item in a separate tab**.
  • Check the box below the search field to include only items from the current folder or project, or space.
  • Click on a file (from search results) to open it. For locally stored files, the name of the task, folder, or project where the item is attached is listed at the top of the window. 

*Not possible with files. However, click the file and hold CTRL on Windows or CMD on Mac to open the file in a new tab. 

**When you use your mouse's scroll wheel to click an attachment, it downloads to your computer instead of opening in a new tab.  

Show Full Search Results

  • Click "Search" 2 to open a list of tasks that match the search criteria.
  • Click "Show more" 3 (and then "Show all" if there are a lot of results) to see a full list of results that match the search criteria. 

Tip: Click "Back" in the full search result list to go back to the view that was open before you searched. 


Search Algorithm

An item’s title is prioritized when searching but information from other fields is also taken into account. 

When You Search For

Wrike Takes Into Account


Title, description, comments, assignees, people who left comments to a task, task creator, people @mentioned in comments, file names

Folders and projects

Title, description, comments, file names


Title, the name of the space admin


Title, file extension, or name of file uploader


Name, email, phone number, city, User Group, job title, job role**


Title, report owner’s name

Request forms

Title, description

* Only public spaces and spaces where you are a member are included in the search results.
** Job Roles are a part of Wrike for Professional Services package and Wrike Resource add-on.

Search Commands 

You can use several search commands simultaneously, just make sure to separate them with space.

Command Action Example Example of action

Search items by part of a keyword

Can be combined with any other command in this table (except for “”)

creat* Search items containing creat, like create, creative, etc.
”  “

Search items containing an exact phrase.
Note: This command only works for search queries containing more than one word.

Can be combined with any other command in this table (except for *)

“smart solutions” comment:”smart solutions” Search items containing the exact phrase “smart solutions” in description or title. Search tasks containing the exact phrase “smart solutions” in comments
#notme Search tasks not assigned to you    



Search tasks assigned to a specific user assigned: Tom Clark Search for tasks assigned to Tom Clark



Search for tasks, folders, and projects created by a specific user

author: Melanie Smith

by: Tom Clark

Search for items created by Melanie or Tom 
comment: Search tasks, folders, and projects containing the keyword in comments comment:Michael Sullivan Search for items containing words Michael and Sullivan in comments
completed: (>,<,=)YYYY-MM-DD Search tasks, folders, and projects completed earlier than, later than, or on a certain date (today, this week, this month) completed:this month Search items completed this month
created: (>,<,=)YYYY-MM-DD Search tasks created earlier than, later than or on a certain date (can also be used with today, this week, this month) created:>=2014-04-03 Search tasks created on or after April 3, 2014
description: Search tasks, folders, and projects containing a keyword in its description description:technical review Search items containing words technical and review in a description
due: (>,<,=)YYYY-MM-DD Search tasks which are due earlier, later or on a certain date (today, tomorrow, this week, this month)

due:this week

due:next week

Search tasks which are due this week
duration: (>,<,=)Nd, or Nh, or Nm Search tasks with a specific duration duration:<1h Search tasks with a duration less than 1 hour
file: Search for tasks, folders, and projects with attachments containing the keywords in their name or extension (with an asterisk before the extension) file:logo

Search items with attachments containing the word logo in title

Search items with .jpg attachments 

folder: Search tasks included in a specific folder or project folder:Approved Search tasks tagged with folder Approved
ID Search for tasks, folders, and projects by entering their job number into the search box 123456789 Search for the item which has this job number
notin: Search tasks, folders, and projects not included in the folder notin:”Under Review” Search items not included in the folder Under Review



Search tasks based on importance priority:low Search tasks which have their importance set to “low”
start: (>,<,=)YYYY-MM-DD Search tasks, folders, and projects which start earlier, later or on a certain date (today, tomorrow, this week, this month) start:tomorrow Search items which start tomorrow
title: Search tasks, folders, and projects containing the keyword in title title:upgrade Search items containing the word upgrade in title
updated: (>,<,=)YYYY-MM-DD Search tasks, folders, and projects updated earlier, later or on a certain date (today, this week, this month) updated:today search items updated today

Filter (Search) Folders and Projects

By Title

  1. Click the filter box 1 located in the Workspace's upper left-hand corner. 
  2. Begin typing the name of the folder or project you're searching for. 
  3. Click on the appropriate folder or project when it appears in the left-hand navigation panel.


By Status

By default, all projects are visible in the left-hand navigation panel, but you can filter out completed and canceled projects:

  1. Click the filter icon in the left-hand navigation panel's upper left-hand corner.
    • To hide/show completed projects: click to the left of "Show completed projects".
    • To hide/show canceled projects: click to the left of "Show canceled projects".

Once you hide completed and/or canceled projects from the left-hand navigation panel:

  • The projects and all their subprojects and subfolders are no longer visible on the left-hand navigation panel.
  • The filter icon turns white to indicate that filters are applied.

Recent Tasks

Recent tasks shows the 10 tasks you’ve most recently opened. To see your most recently viewed tasks: click in the search box 1 in the Workspace's upper right-hand corner.

To see more tasks, click "More recent tasks". 2 You'll see tasks grouped into the following categories based on the date you viewed them: today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, last month, older.