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Starred Folders and Projects

All users (including Collaborators) on all account types can star Folders and Projects.

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You can favorite a Folder or Project to make it easier to find and access. Favorited Folders and Projects work at the user license level which means that each user chooses which Folders/Projects they want to favorite.

Starred (favorited) Folders and Projects:

  • Appear in a starred section above the main Folder/Project structure.*
  • Are sorted alphanumerically within the starred section.


This page is about starring Folders and Projects, you can also star (favorite) tasks. 

Important Information

  • You cannot delete or duplicate a Folder or Project by clicking on it from the starred section. To delete or duplicate starred Folders and Projects: locate them in the main Folder tree, right click, and then select the appropriate option.

Star (Favorite) a Folder or Project

  1. Hover over a Folder or Project in the left-hand Navigation panel.
  2. Click the star icon that appears to the right of the Folder or Project’s name.

To remove a star from a Folder or Project: hover over the Folder or Project’s name in the left-hand Navigation panel and click the star icon that appears.