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Board View

All user types (including collaborators) on all subscription types can use Boards. 

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The Board view shows a folder, project, or space’s tasks organized in columns by status. Use the Board view to:

  • See what tasks you need to work on
  • Track task status
  • See how much time each task has been in its current status
  • Change task status by dragging and dropping tasks from one column to another
  • Create new tasks

Prefer the Board view? Make it the default view for your project, folder, or space. 


Important Information 

  • The Board view works out of the box and comes with a few customization options. However, if you want to create a unique task list (based on something other than statuses), try Dashboards.
  • For Business and Enterprise users:
    • You can see a customized Board view based on the custom workflow applied to the folder, project, or space. 
    • If a task is in a workflow different from the one applied to that folder/project/space, it appears in an "Other tasks" column. The column is collapsed by default, but you can expand it by hovering over it and clicking the Expand icon.

How the Board View Works

Tasks appear as cards on the Board view. 

  • View tasks from descendant subfolders and subprojects: Click the three-dot menu button in the Board view's upper-right corner and select “Tasks from subfolders.”
  • Collapse or expand a column: Hover over the column title title and click the Collapse or Expand icon.

Each card is displayed under its status and shows:

  • Task name 
  • Folders/projects the task is in 
  • Assignee(s) 
  • How many subtasks it has (if any) 
  • Due date
  • Number of days in status. You’ll see time the time spent in its current status. Click the three-dot menu button and select “Duration in status.”
  • Custom fields. You can select which custom fields show up on a task card. Click the three-dot menu button and select the needed fields.
  • Attached images. You'll see the image most recently attached to a task. To hide cover images, click the three-dot menu button in the view's upper-right corner and click "Cover images."

Sorting and Filtering on the Board View

Sorting and filtering options designate how tasks are sorted within columns on the Board view and which tasks show up on boards. 

Change How Tasks are Sorted

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in Board view.
  2. Click the current sorting option on the right side of the Board view.
  3. Choose the sorting option you want to apply from the dropdown list.

Available Sorting Options


Priority is the default sorting setting for the Board view. When sorting tasks by priority, you can drag and drop tasks to change their priority. The closer a task is to the top of the list, the higher its priority.

All users who have access to the folder, project, or space see tasks in the same order when they sort by priority. For example, when you sort by priority and change task order, your teammates will also see the new task order when they look at the folder, project or space and sort tasks by priority.

When you change task priority on the Board view, it changes on the List view as well.

Due Date

When sorting tasks by due date, tasks with earlier due dates appear before tasks with later due dates.


When you sort tasks by importance, tasks set to “high” importance are listed first, followed by tasks with “normal” importance, and then tasks with “low” importance. You can change task importance right from the Board view:

  1. Hover over a task.
  2. Click the three-dot menu button.
  3. Hover over “Importance” and select the new importance for the task.


Sort tasks by title to see a folder, project, or space’s tasks listed alphanumerically.

Filtering Tasks on the Board View

You can apply filters to see only specific tasks on your boards. Filter presets are also available so you can apply the same filters to different boards.

Drag and Drop Tasks

Change a task’s status from the Board view:

  1. Select a task and don't release the mouse button.
  2. Drag the task to the appropriate column. (The task’s status will change to match the status of the column you drag it to.)
  3. Drop the task in the appropriate column.

Change Default Workflow

Business and Enterprise users can change the default workflow for the folder, project, or space from the Board view:

  1. Open a folder, project, or space in the Board view.
  2. Scroll to the last board displayed on the Board view.
  3. Click the toggle button next to the board.
  4. Click the name of the current default workflow.
  5. Select the new workflow from the list that appears.

Account admins can click the “Manage workflows” button so they can make changes to the current workflow or create a new one.

Delete Tasks

You can delete tasks right from the Board view:

  1. Hover over a task you want to delete.
  2. Click the three-dot menu that appears.
  3. Select “Delete.”

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