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Log In as Another User

Admins on Enterprise accounts can log in as other users.

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Admins can log in as a different user to see what content someone else could see/access, to help set up Wrike, or to troubleshoot.

When you (an admin) log in as another user, you

  • See everything as the user you are logged in as and have access to all the data they have access to.
  • Have all the same functionality and rights as the user you are logged in as. Any changes you make while logged in are tracked as having been made by the user you are logged in as.

Please note, if you run an Audit Report on logins, you will see when an admin has logged in as another user (two user IDs appear for the login event where an admin logs in as someone else). 

Important Information

  • You can’t log in as: 1) the account owner 2) a deleted user 3) a user who is part of multiple Wrike accounts.
  • Once you log in as another user, you remain logged in as them until you log out.
  • Only one admin can log in as a specific user at a time.

Who Can Log In as Another User

Who You Are You Can Log In As
Account owner Any admin + any users
Admins: who can create other admins + with permission to log in as a user Any admin except those who can create other admins + any user (including Collaborators)
Admins: who have permissions to log in as a user Any Regular or External User and Collaborators
Regular Users Cannot log in as another user

How to Log In as a User

  1. Click your profile image in the Workspace’s upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select "Settings" from the dropdown.
  3. Click "Users" in the left panel.
  4. Click the name or profile image of the user you want to log in as.
  5. Select “Log in as user”.
  6. Select “Deactivate and relogin”.
  7. Enter your password in the pop-up. (This will not appear if your account uses SSO).
  8. Select “Check password”.

Your Workspace is refreshed and you are logged in as the selected user. You’ll be able to see all the tasks they have access to and see the Workspace exactly as they see it.

When you’re done: Remember to logout, log back in as yourself, and reactivate the user’s account once you are done.