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Mass Editing

Regular and external users on all account types can mass edit tasks. However, the number of mass editing options available depends on your account type (see below). 

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Use mass editing in the List view to make the same changes to multiple tasks at the same time.

Important Information

  • External Users are not able to use mass editing options related to sharing and assigning tasks.
  • You can only mass edit tasks, not folders and projects.

Mass Edit Tasks

  1. Select a folder, project or Space from the left-hand Navigation panel and switch to the List view. 
  2. To see tasks from subfolders and subprojects: click the settings icon in the view's upper right-hand corner and select to show "Tasks from Subfolders". 
  3. Click the "Mass Edit" icon. Mass_Selection_Icon.png 
  4. Select the tasks you want to edit: click the checkmarks to the left of task names. Shortcuts below.
  5. A panel, with various mass editing options appears on the right-hand side of the workspace.
  6. Select the appropriate mass editing option from the panel.

Wrike Tips!

  • Another way to enable mass editing: press and hold Ctrl (Cmd if you are on a Mac), hover over an assignee's avatar (you'll see it turns into a checkmark), and click it.
  • To select a range of tasks: press and hold Shift on your keyboard, hover over an assignee's avatar and click it, then click the checkmark next to the last task in the range you want to select.
  • To select all tasks: click “Select All” (only appears if at least one task is selected).
  • To deselect all tasks: click "Reset" (only appears if at least one task is selected). 

Additionally, you can mass drag and drop tasks in List view to:

  • Change their hierarchy (convert tasks into subtasks and vice versa)
  • Change their position in the List view
  • Change their status (when tasks are sorted by status)
  • Change their importance (when tasks are sorted by importance)

Available Mass Editing Options

 Mass Edit Free Accounts Paid Accounts
Mark tasks as completed or change their status* +   +
Change which folders, projects or Spaces tasks are in +   +
Follow or unfollow tasks +   +
Delete tasks +   +
Reschedule tasks for today, tomorrow, or next week     +
Access advanced rescheduling options**     +
Turn on the option to work on weekends***     +
Assign and reassign tasks     +
Unassign tasks from selected users/all users     +
Swap task assignees (this will reassign all tasks from one user to another)     +

*If you are using fixed and flexible workflows you might not be able to perform a mass status change. When you select multiple tasks with different workflows and at least one of them has locked status transitions, you will not see the option to change the status in the mass edit panel.

**Advanced rescheduling options include the options to: shift tasks’ scheduled dates, set the tasks’ start date, set the tasks’ due date, select custom start and due dates, convert tasks to milestones, clear all tasks dates. Click “Advanced rescheduling” on the mass editing panel of the List view to see these options.