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Zoom In or Out on the Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is available to all users on all paid accounts.

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Use the zoom tool on the Gantt Chart to increase or decrease the range of dates shown on the timeline.

Adjust the Date Range on the Gantt Chart

  1. Select a Folder or Project from the Folder tree. 1
  2. Switch to the Gantt Chart2
  3. Click the “+” button 3 in the upper right-hand corner to zoom in and see a smaller date range.
  4. Click the “-” button 4 in the upper right-hand corner to zoom out and see a wider date range.
  5. Click the button next to the “-” button to select the zoom level: years, quarters, months, weeks, or days. 5

Note that you can also double click on the timeline to zoom in and ctrl + double-click (alt + double-click for Mac users) to zoom out.