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Move Tasks, Folders, and Projects

Regular and external users on all account types can move tasks, folders, and projects.

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Tasks, folders, and projects in Wrike live either within another folder, project or Space, or directly in the “Shared with me” section. You can change where tasks, folders, and projects live by moving them from one location to another. 

Important Information

  • When you move a Wrike item to a different folder, project or Space, it is automatically shared with all users who have access to that folder, project, or Space it was moved to.
  • When you move Wrike items to the “Shared with me” section they retain their current share settings; they will not be shared with everyone in your account.
  • To include tasks, folders, and projects in multiple locations (rather than move them from one location to another) please read our page on tagging.
  • When you move a task, folder or project any of its subtasks, subfolders, and subprojects are automatically moved as well.

Move a Task

  1. From the left-hand Navigation panel, select a folder, project, or Space.
  2. Switch to the List View.
  3. Select the task which you want to move to another location (do not let go of the mouse button after you click).
  4. Drag the task to the left-hand Navigation panel and drop it over the folder, project, or Space you want to include it in.

Move a Folder or Project

  1. Select a folder or project from the left-hand Navigation panel.
  2. Drag the folder or project so that it’s over the name of the location where you would like to move it.
  3. Let go of your mouse when the folder or project is over the appropriate item in the relevant Space.

Your folder or project is now a subfolder or subproject of the selected folder or project, or it is moved to the selected Space.

To make a subfolder/subproject a top level folder/project, its tag should be removed. Please read our page on tagging.