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Email Integration

All license types on all Wrike accounts can use Email Integration. Collaborators and users with limited Folder Permissions do not have the ability to create new tasks and edit task details.

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Wrike’s patented email integration engine allows you to engage with Wrike tasks directly from your email. You can: create tasks and folders, add comments, update a task’s status, set task due dates, and more.

Sending important action items to Wrike as tasks means that you and your team can easily work on the task together and keep everything organized in one place. Once a task is in Wrike you can also receive notifications to keep a better pulse on how your projects are progressing.

Important Information

  • You can only create or edit tasks via email by sending messages from an email associated with your Wrike account. 
  • Normally, emailing messages to a folder using the folder or project's unique email address ( allows you to email a task directly into the associated folder or project (without adding the folder or projects name in the subject line). However, if "RE" is in the subject line then Wrike ignores the unique email address. If you would like to send the task to a specific folder/project and "RE" is in the subject line, then you must format your subject line to specify which folder/project the task should be added into.
  • Adding "RE:" and "FW:" in the beginning of the subject line allows you to edit existing tasks.
  • Create a maximum of 250 tasks or comments per hour via email integration.

Settings (Before you Start) 

Before sending emails to Wrike, it is important to check your email integration settings.

Adjust email integration settings:

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper right-hand corner. 
  2. Select "Settings" from the dropdown.
  3. Click "Email Preferences" in the left panel.
  4. Check which email address settings you're adjusting under "Email sent from".
  5. Choose a folder in the “Create tasks in folder” section to nominate where tasks should be created. 
  6. Select the type of task that should be created.
  7. Add an additional email address to be able to create and update tasks from multiple emails.

Note that you can set up Integration settings for only one account at a time. If you are a member of multiple accounts, you should first select the account for which you want to edit integration settings:

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace's upper right-hand corner.
  2. Establish the account you are viewing right now.
  3. If you need to change the account, hover over "Switch to another account" and select the needed account from the list that appears.

If the settings are currently applied to one account and you wish to apply them to another account, it is necessary to first remove the settings from the integrated account. To do that:

  1. Open Profile settings of the account where the integration is already set.
  2. Hover over the email address for which the integration exists.
  3. Click on the X icon that appears on the right.
  4. Click “Save changes”.

Create a Task via Email

Creating a task via email is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Type the task’s title in the subject line. (required)
  2. Add any relevant task details. Adding additional task details is optional. If you choose not to specify task due dates, or a status then the task is created as active and Wrike will apply the default folder and date parameters specified in your profile. If you do not specify the folder/project in which the task should be created, then the task will automatically be created in the folder/project/space specified in profile settings.
  3. Format your subject line. Apart from containing the task title, you can use the subject line to specify any or all of the following: the folder/subfolder where a task should be created, status of the task, and task start and/or due dates. To format your subject line: list the information in any order, but make sure that you put the folder title, start/due dates, and task status in brackets. For example, you could put: task title [Folder title] [start date - due date] [task status].
  4. Add email recipients in the “To” field. The task will be assigned to Wrike users whose emails are listed in the “To” field.
  5. Send the task to Wrike. There are a few different options for how to do this:
  • Include “” in the “To” or “CC” field. If “” is the only recipient, the task is assigned to you. If you want to keep the task unassigned put “” in the “BCC” field as the only recipient.
  • If you frequently email tasks to the same folder, you can add its unique email address ( to your contact book. Then, you can email the task directly to that email address. If you do this, you will not have to include the folder or project's name in the subject line (unless "RE" is also in the subject line). To find a folder’s email address, go to “Folder info” 1, click on “Permalink” 2, and then copy the email address listed under “E-mail for sending tasks to this folder”.

Click Send and your task will be added to Wrike!


Add a Task to a Folder via Email

When you are creating a task via email you can add that task to an existing folder or add the task to a new folder.

To add a task to an existing folder: Add the folder name (in square brackets) to the subject line. If there are several folders or subfolders with the same name, specify the folder path to put the task in the correct folder. To create a folder path, list all parent folders, separating each with slashes and include brackets around the list. For example: [marketing/events/conferences]

You can also use a folder’s unique email address to send a task directly to that folder.

To add a task to a new folder: Add your new folder’s name (in square brackets) to the subject line. If the folder does not exist yet, Wrike creates a new folder and adds the task to that folder. If you send an email to address, a new folder will be created in the “Shared with me” section. You can also create a task in a new subfolder by specifying the folder path and then adding your new subfolders name to the end of the path. New folders created via email are only shared with those people who have access to its parent folder and if there is no parent folder then the folder is private. Folders created via email are not automatically shared with the email recipients.

Please note that folder names are case sensitive. To ensure that tasks are added to the correct folder, please make sure that the folder name you enter exactly matches the name of the folder where you would like emailed tasks to be created.

Edit Task Details via Email

Email integration allows you to do more than just create tasks, you can edit or add various task details right from your email:

Please note: 1) You cannot update a task's description field via email 2) Emails with empty subject lines don't trigger task updates.  

Assign a Task via Email

To assign a task to specific users simply include their email addresses in the “To” field.

To reassign a task, include the new assignee’s email address in the “To” field and add “FW:” to the beginning of the subject line.


Share a Task

When creating a task via email, the task is shared with the email recipients as well as with the people who are already shared on the folder where the task is added. When a task is added to an existing Wrike folder, the users that follow the folder receive a notification about the newly created task.

You can share a task with additional members of your Wrike account by adding their email addresses in the “CC:” field.

If email recipients are shared on the folder that a task is added to, then the task is automatically shared with them. However, you can prevent a task from being shared with other email recipients (who the folder is not already shared with) by adding their email address in the email’s “BCC” field.

Add Attachments

If you include file or image attachments in your email, they will appear in that task’s list of attached files in Wrike.


Scheduling a Task

If you do not add any dates in the email subject line, then, the task is processed according to your profile settings and set either as backlogged or planned for today. If your settings are set to create one-day tasks by default, you can still schedule backlogged tasks by adding [backlogged] in the subject line.

You can also schedule a task for specific dates by adding the start date and due date to the email’s subject line. Make sure to put the start and end dates in MM/DD format (or DD/MM depending on your date format settings) and surround the dates with brackets: [MM/DD-MM/DD]. The task will automatically be scheduled for the current year, but you can also schedule a task for a future year. To do this use the format: [MM/DD/YY-MM/DD/YY] or [DD/MM/YYYY-DD/MM/YYYY] depending on your date format settings).

To reschedule a task, make sure your email contains RE: in the subject line and then use the following format to specify the start and due date: [MM/DD-MM/DD] (or DD/MM if you set another date format in your account).

Please note, if you choose the option “1-day task scheduled for today” from the "Type of Tasks" section of the email addresses tab of your Wrike Profile, then tasks created via email are automatically assigned to the person who sent them.


Task Status

If you do not specify statuses for tasks sent via email, then they are created as active by default. For Business and Enterprise users, if a task’s status is not specified (and the task is created in a folder with a Custom Workflow) then the task is assigned the first active status from that Custom Workflow.

To change or specify a task status, just add the desired status (in brackets) into the subject line of your email. If you want to use a custom status include “CS:” before typing your status name. For example: [CS:New]. Please note that the default statuses* are not case sensitive, but Custom Statuses are. When you add the task status “completed” via email, then the task is automatically marked as completed in Wrike.

*For accounts created prior to 12/20/2016 the default statuses are: completed, active, deferred, and cancelled. For accounts created after that date the default statuses are: new, in progress, completed, on hold, cancelled)


Task Importance

Wrike gives tasks created via email the same importance as the priority of the email, so you can change the priority of your email to update the task’s importance.


Email a Comment to an Existing Task

There are several ways to send a comment to an existing task:

  1. If you received any notification emails about the task, just reply to the notification email and keep (or among the recipients. Wrike’s Intelligent Email Engine™ cuts out signatures and repeating text and adds only your message as a comment.
  2. In case there is an email you would like to forward to a task and add its contents as a comment, send it to and put Re: [Folder Name] Task title in the subject line 1. Once Wrike receives an email that contains Re: in the subject line, it searches for the task by title and adds your comment from the email body to the activity stream of the task. If several tasks with the same name are found within the specified folder, you will get an email about this conflict. If Wrike can’t find your task in the folder you mention it will try searching your entire workspace for a matching task.
  3. The other way to add a comment to an existing task is by sending an email to the task’s unique email address 2. In this case, Wrike locates the task by its ID which means that you don’t need to worry about specifying the correct folder path in the subject line (but you do need to have some text in the subject line, a comment won't be added if the subject line is completely empty).


Advanced Features

Email a Task to a Subfolder

You can email a task to a subfolder just like you would email it to a folder. If you have several subfolders with the same name, provide the folder path to put the task in the right place. To create a folder path just list all parent folders, separating each with slashes, and put brackets around the list.


Email a Task to Several Folders

To do this, list all the folder names you would like to include the task in, separate the folder names with commas, and make sure to include square brackets around the folder list. Unless you specify a status, the task’s workflow is taken from the first folder in the list.


Create a Milestone Task

Instead of including start and due date, specify only the due date : [MM/DD].

Tag a Colleague in a Comment via Email

In most cases @mentioning cannot be done when sending a comment to Wrike via email. However, if someone @mentions you, and you reply via email, then your response is posted as a comment in Wrike and the person who @mentioned you is automatically @mentioned in your comment.