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G Suite admins can integrate Wrike with G Suite.

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Integrate Wrike and G Suite to streamline work. Read more about the benefits of integrating Wrike and G Suite below

About G Suite: G Suite is a package of services provided by Google and includes a custom Gmail domain and services such as Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google Drive. Read more about G Suite and check prices.

For more details on how to link a Wrike subscription with G Suite, please read our G Suite Implementation Guide.

Benefits of Linking Wrike with G Suite

Once Wrike is linked with G Suite, users can

  • Attach files from Team Drives. 
  • Login to Wrike using Google credentials and quickly create Wrike user accounts by clicking Wrike’s app icon on the Apps launcher (available without linking Wrike with G Suite as well).

Wrike also integrates with 

  • Google Calendar: create Google Calendar events directly from Wrike tasks.
  • Google Drive: link Google Drive files to tasks, Folders, and Projects.

Please note, you can use the Google Calendar integration, and attach files from Google Drive without integrating with G Suite. 

Create a User Account via G Suite

If your Wrike subscription is linked to your G Suite domain, then users can create a Wrike user account from the launcher.

  1. Click on the App Launcher. 1
  2. Click the Wrike app icon. 2
  3. Your Wrike user license is automatically created and you are taken to your Wrike Workspace.

New users who you invite are added as Collaborators. Admins can change Collaborators to Regular or External Users.


Login Using Google Credentials

Once Wrike is linked to your G Suite domain, you can sign in to Wrike using your Google credentials. The instructions below are for logging in to Wrike from a desktop, but you can also use your Google credentials to log in to Wrike’s iOS and Android apps.

Option 1

  1. Visit
  2. Select the option to login with Google. 1

If you are logged into your Google account then you are taken directly to your Wrike Workspace. If you are not logged in to Google, then you are asked to enter your Google credentials first and then you are taken to your Workspace.


Option 2

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account.
  2. Click the App launcher 1 on a G Suite page.
  3. Select the Wrike app 2 from the dropdown.

You will be taken directly to the Wrike Workspace.