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Review and Approve Files (for Guest Users)


Wrike users can invite Guest Users to review files from their Wrike accounts. When they do, a guest user receives an email invitation to review and can comment on and approve files without having to join an account.

Review Work Assigned to You (for Guest Users)

  1. Open an email inviting you to review files.
  2. Click:
    • “Proceed to Review” to open files for review.
    • “Reject” to decline an invitation.
  3. If you choose to proceed to review, a new browser tab opens where you can add comments and give your decision. You may need to enter a password if the document has been set as password-protected.
  4. Add comments: Click one of the Proofing icon options under the image (you can choose the comment, arrow, box, or pen icon). If you're commenting on a PDF file, a text highlight option also appears. 
  5. Give your decision: Click “Approve” or “Changes required” under the image. Click "Undo decision" if you want to reset your decision and provide a new one.
  6. Use the arrows on the left and right sides of the image to switch between files.
  7. Close the browser tab when you have finished the review.

Wrike users immediately see your decisions and comments. 

Email Notifications to Guest Users

Guest Users receive an email notification when:

  • They are invited to review a file.
  • Someone replies to their comment.
  • Someone @mentioned the Guest User in a comment.
  • A new file is added to the review.
  • A new version of a file in review is uploaded.

Guest Users can click the “Reject” link within the email notification to opt out of a Review. Wrike Users can also remove them from a Review. Either of these actions means that the Guest User will no longer receive email notifications pertaining to the Review.

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