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Step 4: Monitoring Work Progress

Whether you track the status of your projects or monitor your team's workload, dashboards will help you get the required information on one screen. Dashboards consist of a set of customizable widgets that contain a list of tasks, projects, or files filtered by certain criteria. You can create several dashboards to cover your needs and share them with your team so everyone will be on the same page. Please note that the dashboards aren’t prebuilt, so you’ll need to create them from scratch using the instructions below.

Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard allows you to gain visibility into your team’s work. It consists of widgets with tasks grouped by status (new, in progress, completed, and so on). You can check what your team members are working on or what they have planned without having to continually ask.


Learn how to build Manager Dashboard.

Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard allows you to distribute work between your team members with a drag and drop. It consists of a widget with unassigned tasks and a separate widget for tasks assigned to each team member. Learn how to set up Team Dashboard

Wrike Tip! For more detailed planning, use the Wrike Resource add-on to help you easily visualize and balance team workload in order to avoid burnout or underutilization.


Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard gives you an overview of project priorities and their current status. You can quickly reprioritize projects if there are too many. Learn how to set up Project Dashboard.


Risk Dashboard

Sometimes key actions are overlooked, schedule risks aren’t addressed, and the project deadline is missed. With the Risk Dashboard you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Learn how to set up Risk Dashboard.


Personal Dashboard

Personal Dashboard helps your team members understand their priorities so they can focus on the most important tasks. While creating widgets for this dashboard, always pick the “Current User” option, so when you share this dashboard, everyone will get a personal version of their dashboard. Learn how to create Personal Dashboard.