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Subtask Alignment

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Subtasks and parent tasks can have unique start and end dates. However, as you reschedule subtasks and parent tasks Wrike asks if you want to align dates so that things stay in sync (you can always opt not to align dates).  

Wrike asks if you want to align dates in two scenarios:

  • Expanding parent task dates. If you reschedule subtasks to before or after the parent task’s dates - Wrike asks if you want to expand the parent task dates to encompass its subtasks.* 
  • Shifting task dates. If you reschedule a parent task (while keeping the duration the same) - Wrike asks if you want to reschedule subtasks as well.*  

*These are the general rules, more details about the specific cases when you may be asked to align tasks are below.

Important Information

  • You’ll be asked if you want to align dates if both the subtasks and parent task are active and are shared with you.
  • If tasks are linked by a dependency chain then you can reschedule the entire chain.

Expanding Parent Task Dates

Wrike asks if you want to extend the parent task’s duration so that it encompasses the dates of all subtasks within it. The parent task will start on the same day as the earliest subtask and end on the final day of the last subtask. Wrike asks if you want to expand task dates if

  • You schedule a subtask and it now falls outside of the parent task’s dates.
  • You reschedule a parent task which has a subtask. After your rescheduling, the parent task dates do not encompass the subtask dates.
  • You have a parent task with multiple subtasks. One of the subtasks is outside of the parent task range. You reschedule any subtask. You’ll be asked if you want to align parent task dates.
  • A new (active) subtask is created in a parent task or an existing scheduled subtask is added to a parent task.
  • An existing scheduled subtask’s status is changed to an active status.

Shifting Task Dates

When you reschedule a parent task, Wrike asks if you also want to reschedule its subtasks accordingly (have them be pushed forward or backward by the same number of days that the parent task was rescheduled by). Wrike asks to align subtasks if

  • You reschedule the parent task without changing its duration (you move it forward or back by any number of days).


There are some cases when Wrike does not ask if you want to align dates.

Expanding Parent Task Dates


If a parent task is part of any dependency chain, you will not be asked to expand parent task dates to align with subtask dates.

If you have subtasks with multiple parent tasks and any one of those is part of a dependency chain, none of the subtask’s parent tasks will expand.


Milestones, by definition, can only be scheduled for a due date (one day). If tasks are rescheduled so that a subtask’s dates fall after the parent milestone’s date, you’ll be asked if you want to align tasks. In this case, the milestone is shifted so that it aligns with the latest due date of its subtasks.

Shifting Task Dates

Multiple Parent Tasks

If you have a subtask with multiple parent tasks then you may not see the task alignment option. If aligning the subtask with one parent task pushes it outside the scope of another parent task, then you won’t see the alignment option.  


Dependent task chains have their own alignment logic. If the task is linked to its subtasks via a dependency, then only normal dependency chain rules apply - task dates can shift but you will not be asked to align dates.

If the parent and subtask are not directly linked via a dependency chain, then you will be asked if you want to align dates. If the subtask is part of the dependency chain though, then aligning dates may remove dependencies.

Disable Alignment Pop-Up

If you don't want to receive the pop-up asking if you want to align subtask and parent task dates you can disable the pop-up.

  1. Click your profile image in the Workspace's upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select "Settings" from the dropdown.
  3. "Profile" opens by default.
  4. Scroll to "Workspace settings"
  5. Uncheck the box next to "Show pop-up with suggestion to align the dates of tasks and subtasks".