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Share a Report

Regular Users on Business and Enterprise accounts can create Reports. 

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If you create a report, you can share it with other members of your Wrike account (including External Users and Collaborators).

Everyone with access to a shared report sees the same data on the report, however they are only able to open Tasks, Folders, and Projects which are shared with them. Users cannot open Tasks, Folders, and Projects which are not shared with them (even though they appear on the report). 

Important Information

  • If a Custom Field is visible on a Report, then anyone who the Report is shared with sees the field on the Report (same as the Report creator sees it). Even if a field is not shared with a person, they still see it on a Report. 

Who Reports Can be Shared With

Regular Users can share reports with:

  • Regular Users
  • External Users
  • Collaborators
  • User Groups

Reports cannot be shared with people outside of your Wrike account. 

How to Share a Report

Regular Users can share reports. If a report is shared with you, you automatically see it in the Reports tab.

  1. Click the Reports tab. 1
  2. Select the Report you want to share. 2
  3. Click “Share” or “Shared” 3 in the upper right-hand corner (the text will say “Share” if the report is not shared, and “Shared” if the report is already being shared).
  4. Select the users or User Groups 4 you would like to share the report with.

The report appears in the Reports list of all users who it is shared with.

To unshare a report: open the share dialogue box, hover over the name of the person you would like to stop sharing the report with, and click the “x” that appears.


What Happens When you Share a Report

Shared reports appear in the Reports tab. To the right of each Report name you can see the report owner and whether the report is shared or private.

If a Report is shared with you, you can

  • Open the report at any time to view it.
  • Change how data is viewed on the report. For example, you can select which columns to show, change groupings, expand/collapse groups, etc. These changes do not affect anyone else’s version of the report. Please note, these changes are not saved and the report resets to the original format after you exit it.
  • Export the report’s data to Excel. 

If a Report is shared with you, you can not share the report with any additional users or edit the report via the report builder. 

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