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Collaborators are one of the three user types in Wrike. Once invited to an account they have access to the Wrike Workspace but have limited rights. 

Collaborators don’t take up paid user seats but there is a limit on how many collaborators you can invite into your account. Check our Terms of Services for details around limits.

Wrike Tip! Owners of paid accounts can check the number of available collaborator seats on the Subscription page. To open the page, click on your profile image in the upper-right corner, select "Account management," and click the "Subscription" tab on the left.

Learn how to add Collaborators to your account here.

Collaborator Rights

Collaborators are able to:

  • Access tasks through the List View, Table View, Gantt Chart, and Activity Stream
  • Access My to-do and the Inbox tab
  • See, comment on, and attach files to Tasks, Folders, and Projects which are shared with them
  • Change a task’s status
  • Export Reports* shared with them

A detailed chart comparing the rights of the three license types, and what each can and cannot do, is available on our License Types help page.

*Reports are available on Business and Enterprise accounts.