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Wrike Enterprise accounts are ideal for teams that need advanced security options and expanded administration options. With Enterprise accounts, teams can use single sign-on, 2-step verification, Controlled Admin Permissions, and can manage password policy settings.  

To compare the features available on Wrike’s Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise accounts please visit our pricing page.


In addition to the features available to users on Free, Professional, and Business accounts, users on Enterprise accounts can use:

Single Sign-on with SAML

Single Sign-on allows your team to log in to Wrike without having to create a separate account, just log in to your corporate network and you’ll be able to open Wrike.


2-Step Verification

Enable 2-step verification to add a layer of security to the sign in process. When 2-step verification is turned on, users have to enter a time-sensitive verification code after entering their username and password.


Controlled Admin Permissions

Use Controlled Admin Permissions to strategically assign admin roles and responsibilities. You can give admins on Enterprise accounts all or some of the available admin permissions.  

Password Policy Settings

Use password policy settings to implement user password policies related to: password strength, password history, and password expiration.


Network Access Policy

Use Network Access Policy settings to specify which IP addresses users can access Wrike from.

Customized Access Roles

Customize Access Roles on your account: create new roles, decide which rights are associated with each of the roles and rename the roles.

Access Reports

Use Access Reports to keep track of who has access to what and ensure that things are shared with the right people/groups.

Selective Sharing

Turn on Selective Sharing for a folder or project to edit who can access that folder or project, regardless of who has access to the parent folder or project.

Connect Tableau and Wrike

Use Tableau Connector to automatically pull data from your Wrike account to Tableau.

BI Export

BI Export lets you export your account’s data for future import to third-party analytics tools (e.g. PowerBI or Qlik).