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Regular and External Users on all account types can add tags.

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Use Folders and Projects as tags 1 by adding a Task, Folder, or Project to another Folder or Project. Folder and Project tags appear to the right of a task’s name on the List or Task View or under a Folder or Project’s name on the Folder and Project info panels.

Important Information

  • Tasks, Folders, and Projects are automatically shared with the users who have access to the Folder or Project where you add (tag) them.
  • Use mass editing to tag multiple tasks at once.

Add a Tag

  • To add a tag to a task: add the task to a Project or Folder.
  • To add a tag to a Project or Folder: make the Project or Folder a Subfolder or Subproject of another Project or Folder.

Wrike Tip! When you add a tag to a task, use search to find the relevant folder or project.

  • If you have multiple folders and projects with the same name, use the "/" symbol to find the relevant one by its parent. For example, the search might look like this "Parent Folder/Relevant Folder."
  • Alternatively, paste the relevant folder or project permalink in the search field to find it.