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@mentioning is available on all account types. regular users can @mention any other user; external users and collaborators can @mention someone if the item is already shared with that person.

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Use the @mentioning feature to draw a teammate’s attention to a specific comment. When you @mention a colleague:

  • A notification appears in Inbox.
  • An email notification may be triggered (this depends on the user’s notification settings).
  • When you @mention a user on a task, Wrike will share it with the user and will add them as a task follower automatically.
  • @mentioning a user on a folder or a project, on the other hand, shares it with that user but they do not start following it by default.

Please note, notifications are not added to Inbox and no email notifications are sent to you when you @mention yourself.

Important Information

  • When you @mention someone on a task, folder, or project, you automatically share that item with them (if it was not already shared with them before). 
  • Email notifications related to @mentions are sent 6-10 minutes after a comment is made. 
  • Notifications about @mentions appear in the Inbox tab of the user you @mention immediately after they are sent.
  • You can use the @mentioning feature to tag the My Team group or other user groups (if you are on a Business or Enterprise account).
  • @mentioning cannot normally be done via email. However, if someone @mentions you and you reply via email then your response is posted as a comment in Wrike and the person who @mentioned you is automatically @mentioned in your comment.

Mention Rights

  • Regular users: can @mention any user on any task, folder, or project as long as that user is already part of the same account.
  • External users and Collaborators: can only @mention users who are already shared on a task, folder, or project. 

Mention Teammates Individually

  1. Open a task or the info panel of the folder or project where you want to @mention someone.
  2. Click in the comments section and type the @ symbol followed by the name of the user whom you would like to mention.
  3. Select the name of that user from the list that appears.
    • If the person has a planned vacation or days off you will see “Unavailable” written next to their name in the list.
  4. Add additional text to your comment.
  5. Click the comment button or press Shift+Enter/Enter on your keyboard (based on settings in Profile).
    • If the task, folder or project isn't shared with the person you are @mentioning, you will see a "Share & Send" button (instead of "Send"). By clicking this button, you share the item with the @mentioned user. You can reverse your actions by clicking the "Undo" button in the pop-up that appears at the top of the workspace.
    • If you @mention a user who is “Unavailable” you will see a pop-up showing their vacation or non-working dates.

Note! You can also add a comment by clicking the Stream tab at the top of the workspace and then clicking in the “Add a comment” section of the task where you want to @mention someone.


Mention Segments of People

In addition to mentioning your teammates individually, you can @mention:

  • All task assignees: type the @symbol and select "@assignees".
  • All task, folder, or project followers: type the @symbol and select "@followers".
  • User groups: type the group's name after the @ symbol and then select the group from the list.*

*Available for Business and Enterprise users.

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